Monday, March 7, 2016

[Feature Filipino] Book Review: #StrangeLit- Fateful Turns

#StrangeLit : Fateful Turns
By Various Authors
September 2015
Paranormal, Horror, Fantasy

Have I ever mentioned I love reading short story collections? I felt like a child given her favorite candy when I received an ARC of this short story collection. And since the theme of the stories involved fantasy, horror and paranormal, it was double the fun for me.

This collection is as diverse as the different authors whose stories are featured within its pages. Most of stories aren't like the usual paranormal stories that has been written before. Also, most of them were engrossing enough, and very helpful to kill time, but of course, I have my favorite.

What really stood out for me was Justine Camacho-Tajonera's The Mermaid From Siquijor. At first, the beginning threw me off because the chapters were disconnected, and there were too many characters involved. However, the interconnection of the characters was gradually explained as the story progressed. I thought that the story of the bearers of the light was really well-thought-out and very well-written. The downside is that, I don't think foreign readers would be able to relate.

All in all, this short story collection is engrossing, really interesting and unique. I highly recommend it for people who would like a paranormal fantasy collection that offers something different than vampires and werewolves.


Maybe once upon a time we all were ordinary, until the day life took a fateful turn. Do we accept this, or run from it? Explore the path of extraordinary choices in these stories.

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