Tuesday, January 5, 2016

[Feature] Daphne, The Non-Reader

Everything started when I saw Daphne holding a book. Specifically, she was holding Kesh Tanglao's The Real Score. I raised one curious eyebrow and thought of it as an oddity. 

Daphne is a non-reader. 

I've known her since she was in diapers and I have never seen her read a book out of her own volition. And if she was ever reading any book at all, I could say for certain that she'd be dozing off by the third page. 

Imagine my surprise when I saw her holding a book, and actually reading it; a book that's not a textbook or a school-related book. She was reading it. On. Her. Own. No one forced her to read it. I did not even insist that she read it. She voluntarily picked up a book from the pile of books on my shelves, and actually finished reading it!
I could not explain how I felt then. I was ecstatic, of course! I mean, for so long, I've been the only one in the family who's into reading. I've always left my bookcases and shelves open, hoping that anyone from my family would be open to reading them. Finally, Daphne came around!

But of course, I didn't want to keep my hopes up. I thought maybe it was a one time thing, and she'd be bored of reading. 

I was wrong. 

A ninja pic I took of the non-reader. hehe
The next day, I asked her if she was done with The Real Score. She said yes, and told me that she started reading Love Story by Jennifer Echols

Later that day, she told me that she didn't like Love Story all that much. She said The Real Score was better. 

Today, she said she wanted to read another book. I told her I recommend Flipped by Wendelin Van Draanen, but we couldn't find it on my shelves. Someone probably borrowed it. *sigh* 

Anyways, since she seemed to be getting more interested in reading, I handed her Dan Brown's Angels and Demons, because she told me someone recommended Dan Brown's novels to her. She though the book was really thick but took it nonetheless. hihi

As a fervent reader, it makes me giddy to witness a convert first hand. I hope this twist lasts, and she decides to dabble in leisure reading for good. After all, I still have a ton of books lying on my shelves, waiting for another reader to get to know their worlds. 

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