Monday, January 18, 2016

[Book Review] Zipless

By Diane Dooley
June 16, 2014
Romance, Short Story, Novella, Contemporary

This was a  good story, not the best I've read but certainly good for some light reading. It was entertaining and plenty helpful in killing some time. I wish it would've been longer though. I think that the story would have been more effective if everything was allowed to take root first before moving to the next level. Since this story was short, everything felt rushed to me, even the romance aspect. Sure, the lust and sexual tension was there, but I hoped that they had more time to develop feelings for each other. The obvious chemistry and creative compatibility that they had was understandable, I wouldn't argue with that. However, I don't think one can call it love so soon after meeting each other. I wouldn't call it Insta-Love between the two of them, because I think there was definitely something that might have been better if it was given more time to grow. That's the only solid issue for me -- the pacing of the romance.

I think this was why the romance aspect wasn't as effective for me. I thought that the lyrics which Lou and Crash were beginning to write in their heads were really creative. Lou's background was solid as was Crash's. This is the first book from Diane Dooley that I've read and I wouldn't hesitate to read one of hers again, provided it be longer next time.

Rocking, rolling and romancing in New York City -- Scottish style! 
Unable to perform due to paralyzing anxiety, singer-songwriter Lou Marzaroli has been managing her brother's band for years, driving them out of Scotland and into the big time. But days before their American network debut, the band is imploding and Lou is relieving her stress in a no-strings-attached sexual encounter with an aging scenester she's nicknamed Zippy. 
The Zipman is sometimes remembered as Crash Burns, formerly of seminal L.A. glampunk band, Snakebite. It's been years since he'd trashed the eyeliner and hairspray, and he hasn't written a song since. Now he's penning lyrics about the mysterious woman he last saw sprinting barefoot in a miniskirt down West Twenty Third. She's the muse he's been longing for, and he's determined to be more than her one night stand. 
When the head honchos learn Lou wrote the band's material, they agree to give her the TV spot, sending her to be coached by their performance guru, Crash Burns. Now Lou must put herself in Zippy's hands as he coaxes a life-changing performance from her. And the man who used to perform in nothing but a leather thong must find ways to get her confident on stage- and content in only one bed.

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