Saturday, May 17, 2014

[Blog Tour-Excerpt Reveal] Passion Within The Stone Wall

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Passion Within the Stone Wall
By Kali Ragilles

Sometimes, it’s okay to be selfish…

Unless you’re Paige De Guia, whose only concern is to make sure all the bloggers under her charge enjoy themselves during their sponsored trip. Everything goes as planned, until she meets a handsome and mysterious tough guy on the way to the island of Sabtang in Batanes.

And just like that, Paige’s priorities turn upside down.

Some minutes after Mayette left, a shout rang across the basketball court. What the fuck, dude? That was an easy rebound! the guy with the funky hair called out. The other men howled with laughter, but Paige hardly noticed them.
Because Sean was staring straight at her.
Sean, bro! You still playing or what? Seans other friend, Duke, passed the ball to him. He barely caught it, his attention still on Paige. She held Seans gaze, pretending to ignore how the sweat on his bare skin glistened in the afternoon sun, how she would love to run her fingers over those six-packed abs. Paige inhaled deeply, watching as a small smile formed on his lips. Those kissable red lips.
Geez, this guys sex incarnate.
Yeah, Sean said, casting one last look at Paige before jogging to catch up.
Paige sat on the concrete fence in silence, watching the guys play. She did her best to seem uninterested, but her eyes followed Sean like a hawk, watching every flex of his sweaty, hard muscles. Seans friends and the locals were evenly matched, ending the game with a draw when the sun began to turn their surroundings orange.
Oh, shit, Paige muttered as she glanced at her watch. It was already half-past five. They had to leave Chavayan as soon as possible, or risk traveling on dark and narrow cliff-side roads. Panicked, she jumped down the fence and nearly fell on all fours.
Easy, cowgirl, a familiar voice drawled beside Paige. Gino leaned over the fence with Leizel, Austin and Queenie beside him. TJs off chasing the sunset, but Eddie and his troopers are probably halfway back to Centro by now.
You heard right, girl. Leizel pointed her camera phone at the basketball court and snapped a photo. Were staying here!
But our things ― ”
Queenie wrinkled her nose. Still at the Heritage Building. Well have to buy basic toiletries for the night. The kids said they have everything well need at the sari-sari store. Speaking of which, she started. Ill buy our stuff before it gets dark. I dont want to suffocate from your cumulative BO and bad breath tomorrow.
But its a great bonding experience! Gino batted his eyelashes comically. You, me, Leizel, Paige, Austin and TJ Sharing our bodily essence in one stone cottage!
Yuck, Queenie said, her face full of disgust. Ill see you at dinner. The blogger turned around before Paige could ask more questions.
What a bitch, said Gino. But she has her moments, so I guess Im not suffocating her with a pillow tonight.
Paige pretended she didnt hear Gino. Can someone please explain to me whats going on? Where are we staying? And where in the world are we going to have dinner?
I told you we had your back, girl. Leizel grinned. Weve got it all taken care of. Kuya Nestor got us a stone cottage, and his mom is preparing us dinner. What a nice old lady.
But the fees and all ― ”
Everythings okay, Austins hoarse voice chimed in. Relax, Paige.
Wow! Four words in one breath. A record for Austin, so Id take his advice if I were you, Gino said, smirking. Oh, and if you can stop ogling the hot guy for a bit, you might want to check your cellphone. Eddie says hell text you.
Paige blushed. I wasnt ogling.
Whatever. Gino said. Cant say I blame you. Abs galore!

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