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[Blog Tour - Excerpt Reveal] Change of Plans: Getting Under My Ex

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Change of Plans: Getting Under My Ex
By Miel Salva

Mark was on his way to work, tapping his fingers on the steering wheel and nodding his head to the beat of TQ’s ‘Westside’ when he got a call from an officemate, Ian. He didn’t bother lowering the volume when he answered the phone. “‘Sup, dude? If you say you miss me, I’m gonna break your neck when I see you,” he joked.

He heard his pal laugh. “Dude, if there’s someone missing you right now and might just break your neck the moment you come in, that’s Dave. Where the hell are you anyways?”

He snorted at the statement. “Almost there.” From the street he was driving by, he could already see their building. “What’s the fuss about? He found porn magazines on my desk or something?” he laughed.

“No, dumbass, the HR Director is already here.”

Hardly unfazed by the news, Mark turned the corner going to the office. “Ah, no wonder he’s stressed out.”

“Yes. And get this… Miranda Douglas came with her secretary,” Ian told him eagerly. “And when I say ‘secretary’, think about your office-wham-bam fantasies,” he quipped. By the sound of his voice, he knew the guy was grinning from ear to ear.

“Really? The long-haired drop-dead gorgeous, honey-skinned female wearing glasses, tight skirt, high heels and with a pair of nice legs and big boobs?” Mark asked non-stop with a face-splitting smile. He had been told by a good friend before to never lower his standards. And he has stayed true to his guiding principle that every girl should meet his ‘requirements’.

“Dude, and then some,” Ian confirmed, adding to Mark’s growing curiosity.

Unnecessarily, he stepped on the gas harder as soon as he passed by the ticketing booth and drove into the building’s upper parking spaces. “Nice. Let me see for myself then. By the way, did Dave say anything about booking another room for the extra person?”

“Nope. Sexy-tary is actually a certified Filipina and has a relative here. Says she’s staying with her aunt,” Ian reports. “But hell, if she has no other place to stay, I’d offer my house.”

“You mean your mom’s house,” Mark pointed out and heard a vicious curse on the other line before they ended the call laughing, just as he switched the engine off.

Before getting out of his car, he checked his reflection to make sure his hair was gelled into his staple messy but sexy style aka after-sex hairdo and yes, the females liked it too so he kept it that way.

As soon as he reached the fifth floor, he scanned his badge and the door clicked open. He pulled it and started to rap loudly. “To my peoples if you with me where you —What the hell?” he stopped performing his entrance number featuring his latest last song syndrome when he came face-to-face with a deserted floor.

“Wait up, Sir!” a voice called him from behind and when he looked back towards the door, a delivery guy from Yellow Cab was catching his breath. “Delivery for Sandie Mar—?”

“There you are!” Dave’s voice thundered across the empty wing and grabbed Mark by the arm. “Go get your laptop and proceed to the pantry,” he ordered.

“There’s pizza waiting for a certain Sandie—“ He reasoned. He knew everyone on the floor, Miranda included because her profile was sent to all the HR staff. So he had a pretty good idea that Sandie was the girl that Ian referred to.

“Yeah, yeah… I’ll take care of that,” his manager muttered. “Laptop.Pantry. Now,” were his last words and Mark reluctantly obeyed thinking there will be more chances to meet with Sandie the Sexy-tary soon anyways. There was no need to rush.

From the end of the hallway going to the pantry, Mark saw her ushering the pizza guy into the room and the way she moved with both precision and grace even in stilettos made him nod. And though she wasn’t donning a skirt to show her legs contrary to what Ian told him, the tight leggings clung to her slim legs like second skin, accentuating her shapely bottom and she earned a nod and a smile from him. As he got nearer making sure she wouldn’t notice how he studied her, there was another nod, smile and a lick to his lower lips when he got a subtle glimpse of her cleavage hiding beneath a white blouse topped with a cardigan. He has to give her credit. Not every woman could pull off a hot look just by wearing casual attire and this female even came from a thirteen to sixteen-hour flight to boot.

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