Wednesday, April 30, 2014

[Wrap Up] April 2014

If April was a girl, she'd be the heroine in a summer fling -- sweet, short and memorable.

I can't believe that today is the last day of April. How time flies so fast, specially when I've been too caught up in too many things. April -- Let's see... Inappropriate Entanglement was released through Buqo on April 1. I also arranged a 5-week blog tour (April to May) for the #BuqoSteamyReads stories, which is on-going as we speak.

I had but a one-week staycation during the Holy Week, then I was back in action for my summer review. To be honest, I missed my law books so I just had to read. I realized I like keeping busy and doing nothing makes me antsy and restless. Besides, my Compre exam for my final year in law school is coming up and I really need to step my game up.

What else?

OH. The book reviews, of course.

That's it!

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