Monday, March 31, 2014

[Wrap Up] March 2014

March Mayhem?

I was actually hesitating on whether I should write a wrap-up post for March seeing that I've been barely active, but then since it's been tradition to have a wrap-up post every end of the month, here it is.

What was I up to this past month? Honestly, I was drowning in law school, hence the scarcity of posts. Maybe it's because I'm already in my third year that's why things have been crazy. I'm an incoming fourth year law student this coming June so I can just imagine how my life would be like then. I may be forced to be on hiatus from this blog. (I hope not.)

Anyways, here are the books I've read and reviewed for the month of March:

On a side note, here's a teaser for Inappropriate Entanglement by D.R. Lee. It'll be out on Buqo on April 1 (that's tomorrow!). Be sure to download the Buqo app on your android devices! Link:

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