Saturday, March 15, 2014

[Personal Update] Smells Like Sun, Sea and Sand!

It's March here in the Philippines, and it's actually the beginning of summer! (Hence the title of this post.) Yes, I'm being overly excited. No, I actually don't have a summer vacation planned because I'm going to start reviewing this summer. No, I am not that studious. It's more like I have no choice.

Also, if you might notice, I got tired of the dark background of this blog so I opted for summer-y colors. Well, summer-y to me, that is. The background reminds me of the sea and seaweeds so I chose it. haha! I'm weird. As always, credits to Plumrose Lane for the background.

Anyways, I'm still getting my book reviewing groove back. It's good to finally be able to sit down and type my thoughts in a post. I missed blogging! Oh yeah, my finals are coming up, but I will try my best to write reviews in advance so this blog won't be so empty like last time.

Oh, and yeah, I finally submitted my final #buqosteamyreads work! It's going to be exclusively available through the Buqo app which is downloadable on the Apple iStore. The Android app is still in the works so yeah...

Here's the book cover and blurb if you're interested!

Inappropriate Entanglement
On their first meeting, she ordered him to strip. 
Kaye is the independent and workaholic creative director of an ad agency. She’s been single for five straight years but she still isn’t so keen on joining the dating pool anytime soon. Unfortunately, Matt, a hunky client she needs to please and appease, has other plans.

On their first meeting, he stripped.

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