Friday, January 31, 2014

[Wrap Up] January 2014

Like Whoah!

Too many things happened in January that I just don't know where to start sharing. haha I've been too lax during the Christmas break so I had to double my efforts to get my groove back in my studies.

Last January 2, 2014, I won in the #5x5podcast on Twitter! I won an ecopy of Chrissie Perias's All's Fair in Blog and War, Chris Mariano's Cover (Story) Girl, Miles Tan's Finding X and their collab work entitled All I Want For Christmas. I also won a prize to have a book character named after me! Since I already have (and read) most of their ebooks, I might hold a giveaway for Valentine's Day. =)

Hohum... Next, the exciting #buqosteamyreads online writing class headed by Mina V. Esguerra started this January. I wasn't able to join the face to face discussion with Alpha male guest speakers because it was held in Manila and I'm all the way in Iloilo, but it has been such a fun class so far.

The one thing I really enjoy in the online writing class is the Twitter banter with my classmates! Seriously, I've found myself laughing out loud multiple times due to the hilarity we often ensue on Twitter. It goes without saying that my classmates bring out the silly pervert in me. (Not many people can do that!) *cough* Luu Triplets Half-Nekkid *cough* *cough* David Gandy GIF *cough* 

Aside from updating each other with our word count and heat-level progress, there's also plenty of fan-girling over David Gandy (Henry Cavill, Gerard Butler, Charlie Hunnam, etc.), beta-reading each other's works, sharing random thoughts, and the ever-important sharing of inspirations for our story's Love Interest (LI). Basically, the class is a really fun bunch!

Oh, and a shout-out to Chrissie Peria for helping out with my research in the work-process involved in an advertising agency! YOU ARE SO AWESOME IN SO MANY WAYS!! (Yes, your chocolate-chip-bacon cookie is part of the reason why you're awesome! *omnomnomnom*)

I also beta-read some of Jho's essays. They were quite heart-tugging and they landed straight to my feels! *ouch* Oh, I should probably call Jho 'Ate' since she's older. haha Through her essays and our online correspondence, I'd have to say that Jho is probably one of the strongest people I've met. =)

Lastly, here are the books I've reviewed for the month of January:

This coming February, the Luna East YA Anthology Volume 1 is coming out! There's going to be a blog tour and a book launch! =)


  1. Hahahaha our Twitter convos put a whole new meaning to trashy talk, eh? :p Btw, did you change your blog design? It used to be white, right? Or I'm just's 12... hehe.

    1. Don't you know it! haha! Yep, I changed it. It used to be white with pink backgrounds, but I changed it to black and grays. haha


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