Saturday, January 18, 2014

[Personal Update] Darkly Dangerous

... is what I chose for this blog's new look!

How do you like it?

The previous lay-out was a little too sunny and sickeningly feminine for my taste. I tried it out just for kicks. Been wanting to change it for weeks but only had the time to do so now. As a result, I went overboard and over-compensated for the previous pink-festation by being all dark and gloomy. Heh.

Got a new chibi avatar, too!

Today marks the start of #SteamyReads, an online writing class spearheaded by author Mina V. Esguerra and sponsored by Buqo, and of which, I am a student. There's a face to face discussion, but unfortunately I am all the way from Iloilo and the class is in Manila. I want to go, but aside from the hecka expensive air fare, I have classes today. So here I am, wallowing in a downward helix of envy and self-pity, with abundant tears flowing from eyes and deep sadness resounding from the depths of my heart. (I am being dramatic. Ignore me.)

It just so happens that today is also the book signing event of Gayle Forman, sponsored by National Book Store. Then again, the signing is in Manila and I'm here in Iloilo. (Double the theatrics I put into words above and you pretty much get a clear picture of what I am feeling at the moment.)


On a positive note, I have a darkly dangerous new look for this blog! That counts as something, right?

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