Monday, December 2, 2013

[Podcast Discussion #01] What is a Blog Tour?

I've been meaning to make podcasts and finally, I've done one! You finally get to hear my voice!! (Maybe I should try my next podcast with an accent? Hee.)

For Book Junkie Joint's first ever podcast, the discussion is about Blog Tours. Specifically, what is a blog tour and what are the benefits of holding a blog tour for your book?

Download the podcast HERE.

The following topics are covered in this podcast:

What is a blog tour?
What happens in a blog tour?
What are the posts in the blog tour?
What are the benefits of a blog tour?

I may have forgotten to mention that I started arranging blog tours since July 2013, and has since arranged six blog tours. Hee.

I hope you learned something from what I was rambling on about. And do forgive me for sounding stiff, for the poor quality of the podcast and for stuttering a lot. It was an impromptu decision to make a podcast and I was hecka nervous as this was my first podcast ever. I will do better next time. I promise!

Do watch out for my next podcast! I will be covering the pros and cons between arranging your own blog tour and hiring someone to arrange it for you.



  1. Thanks for posting this, Dia! I hope more authors (indie or otherwise) will participate in blog tours -- these really help. :)


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