Saturday, September 28, 2013

[Personal Update] Today, I got some goodies!

I got a bag, a bookmark and a paperback copy of Cover (Story) Girl from author Chris Mariano! And it's signed!! Thank you very much, Miss Chris! I showed it off to my Mom. Heh. And she wanted the bag!

As soon as I got my own copy of Cover (Story) Girl, it was included in my collection of novellas by Filipino authors. The picture on the left isn't my complete collection because my guy cousin in high school loves borrowing books by Filipino authors from me, and no, he's not gay. He even urges me to buy books like Diary ng Panget because he loves reading books like those. (Which reminds me that my copy of She's Dating the Gangster is still with him.)

Read my review of Cover (Story) Girl here! And don't forget to grab your own copy! Just click on the image on the left! It'll lead you directly to its Amazon page where you can buy the book with just one-click! =)

Meet Denver, my guest reviewer for the upcoming
Guardians of Tradition Blog Tour!
I also got a package from Miss Maricris containing two copies of two children's books! I got two copies of Guardians of Tradition and Bayong ng Kuting -- both books by author Mae Astrid Tobias. I also got food in the form of peanut-butter Trader Joe's Cookie Butter! Yum! Thank you, Miss Maricris! (Food and books from Miss Maricris automatically puts her in my Awesome People List!)

Denver -- my adorkable six-year old little brother was more excited than me when he saw the children's books. The grin on the picture above is a dead-giveaway. haha!

Since there are easy activities for children in Guardians of Tradition, I was thinking of doing an activity from the book featuring my little brother to show that the book is very easy for children to follow. It's perfect because my little brother is already capable of reading.

Below is a video of Denver reading the intro page of Guardians of Tradition.

And since we're on the topic of my little brother, I shall now end this post by bombarding you with cuteness!

The best thing about having a little brother is that he's like my mini-me. We do on-the-spot photoshoots, and he even knows how to act! Proof is below~! =)

Note: The glasses on the 1st pic has no grade..

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