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[Blog Tour - Book Review] Vintage Love

Vintage Love
Author: Agay Llanera
Publication Date: July 15, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick-Lit


About the Book:
26-year-old Crissy Lopez’s life is in dire need of a makeover. Her wardrobe revolves around ratty shirts and beat-up sneaks; her grueling schedule as a TV Executive leaves no room for a social life; and worst of all, she’s still hung up on the Evil Ex who left her five years ago. 
When her fashionable grand-aunt passes away and leaves behind a roomful of vintage stuff, the Shy Stylista inside Crissy gradually resurfaces. Soon, she feels like she's making progress -- with a budding lovelife to boot! But the grim ghost of her past catches up with her, threatening to push her back into depression. To finally move on, Crissy learns that walking away is not enough. This time, she needs to take a leap of faith.

Book Review:
Fashionably and impeccably engrossing! Author Agay Llanera mixes the potent combination of love and fashion in her romance novella Vintage Love.

In Vintage Love, we meet Crissy, an overworked twenty-something woman who rediscovers her passion for fashion and even finds love all because of her aunt's vintage collection. From the on-set, I really liked Crissy. She's hard-working and dedicated to her work, which is something we can glean from the way it took over her life.

As for Vince -- the love interest. I really liked that he's quirky. He came off a snob, but I like how it was justified. And when he and Crissy started getting to know each other, it was sweet. I like how he found reasons and excuses just to see and talk to her.

I appreciate that the romance aspect in this novel wasn't forced or didn't happen too soon. I love how everything was allowed to grow and branch out naturally.

Story-wise, Crissy's story is easy to follow. I find her voice really relatable. She's an example of a person who set aside her artistic passions for a more realistic life plan, which is something most people do. Fact: artistic pursuits are often inadequate as a means of livelihood, hence most people settle for a regular non-artistic job. This is why Crissy is very relatable. She settled for what's practical, rather than pursue her passion. However, I appreciate that when she finally decided to take her own leap, she did it for herself and not because of some other reason like heartbreak.

What else?

Ah! The ukay-ukay (pronounced as 'ookai-ookai')! In the Philippines, it's okay to shop for used clothes, bags and shoes in little tents. I used to go with my Mom in ukay-ukay shops, but I never really got the hang of scouring for clothes. I guess finding a treasure in an ukay-ukay shop is an art, it takes practice, and I never really had the time and patience for it. Hee.

And of course FLAMES! Way back in elementary, I and my friends used to do this. It was silly, but it was fun. Actually, even until now, some of my classmates in law school still do this just for the fun of it. It was fun to read about this in a romance novella. Maybe someone from abroad can try it out, too, and see the fun in it.

Oh, and I also love the message of positivity that is imbibed within this little treat of a romance novella. The message of this novella is this: everything is a choice. Being happy is a choice. If you experience a setback, you still have the option on whether to wallow on pity or pick yourself up and live on. I love how Crissy chose to be happy and live her life rather than allow her pains to consume her. She's on touch cookie, that she is.

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Author Profile:

Agay Llanera is a freelance writer for television and video, and a published writer of children’s books. She is a member of KUTING, a private, non-stock, non-profit organization, which aims to be the Philippines’ foremost writers’ organization for children. Email her at

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