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[Blog Tour - Book Review] Cover (Story) Girl

Cover (Story) Girl
Author: Chris Mariano
Date Published: July 30, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book Info:
1) She has amnesia.2) She’s on the run from her father’s creditors.3) She’s enjoying her last days on earth.
Ever since Jang Min Hee walked into Gio’s small museum, she’s given him one excuse after another about why she’s vacationing at scenic Boracay Island. Rarely has Gio’s neat and organized world been shaken like this. Soon he finds himself scrambling over rocks, hiding in dressing rooms, and dragging her out of bars. But how can Gio tell what's true from what isn't? Their worlds are getting unraveled -- one story at a time.


Book Review:
Filipino charm meets Korean cute in a romance novella set in a picturesque tropical paradise! We get a dose of calamansi muffins over Kdrama-esque escapades!

What I really liked about Cover (Story) Girl is that it's told from the side of Gio, a stoic museum curator with a clear case of obsessive-compulsiveness. Admission: I have a soft spot for serious and stoic characters whose lives are turned upside down by the arrival of their love interest. Gio definitely count as a serious and stoic character, so I was a happy camper. Besides, he's also a bit of an OC with his work, which is definitely relatable for me (OC right here!), and he perfectly personifies filial piety, which is prevalent in Filipinos.

Another reason to read this novel is Boracay. It's one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines and it's a place where people can escape their lives for a little while. I've always found the beach setting to be one of the most ideal places for a romance story, and in Cover (Story) Girl, it's exactly what you get!

As for Min Hee, I have another admission: I used to watch a lot of KDramas. I love rom-coms and eyecandies, and KDramas have them. In fact, while I was reading this book, I told author Chris Mariano that I kept imagining Min Hee to be Taeyeon from KPop group Girl's Generation. She told me she was imagining Min Hee to be actress Yoo In Na. I started picturing Yoo In Na as Min Hee by then because I've watched several dramas that she's been in. Hee. I think part of the reason why I really enjoyed reading this book was because I could vividly imagine the scenes happening in my head.

Gio and Min Hee taken together equals banter, which is something I really enjoyed. Min Hee pushes Gio to be out of his comfort zone, while Gio balances out Min Hee's hyperactive brain. Like Gio said in the book, I also wouldn't want to be in Min Hee's brain because there's too much activity for me to digest. Being an OC myself, I perfectly understood where Gio was coming from. I'd probably heave and itch to organize everything. Hee.

All in all, this story perfectly blends its tropical beach setting with its contradictory characters to produce a simple yet charming interracial love story. I recommend that everyone get a copy of it and read!

As a bonus, I'd like to present to you my own Gio and Min Hee:
Filipino Actor Joseph Marco and KPop Group Girl's Generation Leader Taeyeon.
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Author Bio:
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Cover (Story) Girl is Chris Mariano’s first published romance work, but her speculative fiction and poetry have appeared in Fully Booked's Philippine Graphic/Fiction Awards Prose Anthology, Philippine Speculative Fiction Volume 7, TAYO Literary Magazine, and Ideomancer. When she’s not writing, she supports Eskritoryo Pilipinas, an organization that encourages kids to appreciate Filipino literature and culture. She divides her time between Manila and Aklan.

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