Monday, August 12, 2013

[Site Update] Feeling Bleu

Say good-bye to Book Junkie Joint's previous look! It had been two months of quirkiness with the previous lay-out, and it was a fun run.

Anyway, I felt that it was time to change the site's look, so I decided to hunt for a new background and tweak the blog header a little so that the color scheme can coordinate with the new background. Heh. Lazy ass me, as always, opted to drastically change the blog's look with minimal effort!

Thank goodness I found a different and ready-made blogger background from Plumrose Lane. Credits for the current background called 'Feeling Bleu' goes to Plumrose Lane, while the header is mine. =)

I actually like the new look~! It's definitely cooler to the eyes, and it's got that classy vibe going on. Hm. Maybe next time I'll try something a lot simpler.

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