Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[Blog Tour - Guest Post] The Blind Spot

"What I did with my first million"
Interview by Publisher Bronze Age Media

Dave Almarinez: I actually kept that first million. I put it in a reputable bank, and used it to expand my business whenever I needed that little push. Because even after seeing the growth, and developing the business and expanding my network, one of the lessons I kept from my lean days was that we always need a buffer. We should at all times save for the "rainy days," because they will come.

Book Uncovers Not-So-Hidden Path to Success

When top-notch entrepreneur, public servant and now author Dave Almarinez was asked why, after all that he has achieved in his young life, he had to write a book about how to attain success and financial freedom, Almarinez, 38, said he wanted to “inspire people.” And that’s exactly what he does in this compact, practical, informative and motivational book “The Blind Spot: Uncover the Not-So-Hidden Truths of Business Success,” which will be available on paperback and as an e-book on Amazon.com.

Almarinez, a self-made millionaire and dynamic young politician from Laguna, details the steps he took to turn his life around. Born to a poor but entrepreneurial family, Almarinez earned his millions by age 30 and was able to get his family out of poverty.

“I would like to think that I created my destiny. I decided I would be a millionaire, and I did all I could to make that happen. I never once gave up on my dream, even when everyone around me thought I was delusional,” Almarinez writes.

As a way of paying it forward, he shares his experiences, good and bad, to both established and budding business leaders and enthusiasts all over the world through speaking engagements and, now, this book.

Apart from including anecdotes on his own life and stories about the business titans who inspired him, Almarinez devised end-of-chapter exercises for entrepreneurs to follow, thus creating a road map for those brave enough to tread the path of self-determination and who dare to be independent from the corporate world.

About Dave Almarinez

Dave Almarinez is a successful entrepreneur, global business strategist, and public servant—all achieved before the age of 38. His mission in life is to spread the message of pursuing dreams with boldness and conviction. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and has been featured in several TV appearances and broadsheet interviews on this topic, as well as hosted his own radio/TV show on entrepreneurship.

He was a scholar to the Far Eastern University and graduated with a degree in Political Science. He has also studied advanced business economics courses at the University of Asia and the Pacific and attended the Global Strategic Management Program at Harvard Business School.

“As we age, our capacity to dream diminishes,” he says. “We need to search for that spark that can create the passion needed to dream again. When I set a goal, I do everything possible to achieve it. I don’t settle for less.”

Website: www.davealmarinez.com

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