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[Blog Tour - Book Spotlight] The Blind Spot

Title: The Blind Spot
Author: Dave Almarinez
Publisher: Bronze Age Media
Genre: Nonfiction, Inspirational

Book Information:
What's the secret to success? In this book, entrepreneur and philanthropist Dave Almarinez picks apart the myths that once held him back from financial freedom, and introduces actionable exercises and discussion points to help you get past your own "blind spot." 
Read on and find out how he was able to overcome his own humble beginnings and start successful businesses that provided for himself, his family, and generated jobs for many.

Building Your Movement 
If your business requires your physical presence for it to work, you have not created a business. You have essentially created a job for yourself. And since no person can be at two places at one time, there is very little chance of you expanding your venture successfully. 
That is why it is very important to create a system for your business. That way, as you grow, you can hire and train people to run the system for you. This leaves you with enough time and energy to think about how else you can improve the business, and where else you can expand. 
Creating a system sounds so complex, but we all do it every day. You may have created your own personal system for your morning routine, for example. In order for you to get to work on time, you make sure your clothes are prepared the night before, you set your alarm clock, and you try to leave your house at a certain time. If you still keep on being late, you might try something different, to tweak a few things in your routine to see if it will work better.  
In business, it is no different. First, start with your end goal. What do you want your business system to achieve? Try to envision the kind of company you want to have, before thinking about the steps required to make that vision a reality. 
In my direct selling business, for example, I envisioned having satellite offices all around the Philippines. I envisioned my role not as a manager of these offices, but as chief inspirer. I wanted the satellite offices to be independent and empowered enough to handle their administrative needs, but I wanted to guide them in expanding the company in their respective areas. I especially wanted to inspire new entrants into our company to work hard and achieve success.  
Once you have your vision, the next step is to think about how to achieve it.  
In my example, I needed to first understand how my company was running right now, and what I should change so that my vision will become a reality. 
At that time, my Metro Manila office was still centralized towards me. We had an office, and we had a lot of new investors, but I was still the one conducting all the business opportunity meetings, going through the finances and worrying about the marketing of our product.  
I realized that this was a problem. How could I be going around the country and inspiring new entrants if I was always in the office?  
It simply could not be. For me to attain my vision of expanding our company nationwide and serving as an inspiration and guide for new investors, I had to create a system for our main branch—a system that would allow them to function even if I am not around. 
So I determined what work needed to be done, and the responsibilities of each position. 
I knew, for example, that I needed someone to take over our company’s regular business opportunity meetings. I would run one in the office once a week, but I could not be delivering the talk every day. So I looked at our current pool of investors and partners, and I looked for someone energetic and engaging, someone whose story was inspiring. I then asked them to take the time to conduct the business opportunity meetings. They said yes, it would be an honor. This freed up my time and allowed me to travel around our country and help our partners set-up offices in their respective provinces.

About Dave Almarinez

Dave Almarinez is a successful entrepreneur, global business strategist, and public servant—all achieved before the age of 38. His mission in life is to spread the message of pursuing dreams with boldness and conviction. He is a highly sought-after public speaker and has been featured in several TV appearances and broadsheet interviews on this topic, as well as hosted his own radio/TV show on entrepreneurship.

He was a scholar to the Far Eastern University and graduated with a degree in Political Science. He has also studied advanced business economics courses at the University of Asia and the Pacific and attended the Global Strategic Management Program at Harvard Business School.

“As we age, our capacity to dream diminishes,” he says. “We need to search for that spark that can create the passion needed to dream again. When I set a goal, I do everything possible to achieve it. I don’t settle for less.”


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