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[Book Review] Club Monstrosity

Title: Club Monstrosity
Author: Jesse Peterson
Date Published: April 29, 2013
Publisher: Simon & Schuster - Pocket Star
Source: ARC
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Mystery

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Book Information:
Natalie’s one of Frankenstein’s creations and works in a New York City morgue. So of course she needs therapy. She and her friends—er, fellow monsters—have formed the world’s most exclusive, most dysfunctional support group. What could go wrong? 
Undetected in the modern world and under pressure to stay that way, Natalie Grey, Dracula, Bob the Blob, and others (including the fetching wolfman Alec) meet regularly to talk about the pressures of being infamous in the Big Apple. Topics include how long it’s been since their last sighting, how their “story” creates stereotypes they can’t fulfill, and—gasp—sometimes even their feelings. 
But when their pervy Invisible Man, Ellis, is killed in a manner reminiscent of the H.G. Wells novel, it’s clear someone’s discovered their existence and is down for some monster busting.

Led by Natalie—and definitely not helped by Hyde’s bloodthirsty tendencies—the members of Monstofelldosis Anonymous band together for security and a little sleuthing. And maybe—maybe—if they don’t end up dead, they’ll end up friends somewhere along the way.

This book features a crazy mix of loveable monsters in the heart of New York City!

There is a reason why monsters such as vampires, zombies and werewolves are still the subject of so many books and movies - they're the classics! And in this awesome book, author Jesse Peterson brought our favorite monsters together!

Story-wise, I love the fact that this book focused more on the monsters themselves rather than the romance aspect between Natalie and Alec. Through their MFD (Monstofelldosis Anonymous), these monsters meet up once a week to discuss how they cope up with the modern world. They also discuss their close encounters with humans. 

As if coping up with the modern world while trying to hide their real identities wasn't hard enough, someone starts killing the monsters one by one. And the M.O. is to kill each monster according to how they died in their respective stories. Personally, I think this was a really clever plot-device. It definitely got the monsters in a lurch and brought out their personalities.

I also like the fact that this book humanized the monsters. They were given each given distinct personalities from each other. This, aside from their general identity as monsters, made them all the more lovable, in my opinion. 

And then of course, there's the heroine, Natalie. I love the fact that she has her own frailty. Despite being a monster, Natalie is a totally relatable character. Her insecurity comes in the form of her scars and disjointed body parts. Body-image issues are quite common, so this really hit the spot. In addition to the mystery aspect of this story, I also appreciate that Natalie was able to find love.

All in all, this book effectively combines a mystery-romance combo, with lovable and endearing characters! 

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  1. Cool! That book sounds like a ton of fun! I like the idea of mixing classic horror with more modern story elements.


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