Sunday, June 30, 2013

[Wrap Up] June 2013


It's the last day of the month again, and time to re-cap my progress in tackling my ever expanding To-Be-Read Pile!

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Before I re-cap the books I've read for the this month, I have a some good news to share!

At the last quarter of last year (2012), I joined the Online Romance Class by Filipino Author Mina V. Esguerra (Fairy Tale Fail, Interim Goddess of Love). Though I wasn't able to finish a manuscript for the class because of my academic endeavor (you can read the story about my spectacular failure here), I was able to meet new novelists!

I'm happy to share that I'm currently acting as the beta-reader for one of the new novelists in class. I've never been a beta-reader before but I found out that my meticulous nature (translation: OCD), and eye for spotting details were actually useful in editing! Who knew that being a little grammar nazi would actually work in my favor, right?

Anyhow, I may not have been able to finish a manuscript, but I'm definitely excited for my classmates in the online class! In the near future, I'm planning to feature more Filipino writers to help with their marketing and publicity. =)

Oh, and if you are interested to read the story I'm beta-reading, maybe I could entice you with its teaser?
Blast from Two Pasts

By KristelSVillar 
Fate’s been playing tricks on Cara Nicolas lately. She agrees to go on a blind date with her best friend’s fiancĂ©’s cousin, only to discover that the guy is her first love from elementary school, Lucas Lobregat. Now that would have been a charming story, except that the date turns out to be one of the worst ever. And they can’t even pretend it never happened, because they’re both suddenly part of the wedding preparations.

Just as she is starting to get to know more about the boy she used to love, Oliver Sta. Maria, an old flame who owes her some closure, surprisingly shows up. With two pasts resurfacing, which will Cara choose to rekindle? Or will she ever choose at all?

Another good news~! I got auto-approved by Anova Books Group at Netgalley! That means, whenever I request to read and review a book published by them, I can automatically have that book! And you know what that means? Moaaaarrrr booooksss for meeee! Hee.

Anova Books Group is a thriving London-based publisher producing high-quality illustrated books under the Batsford, Collins & Brown, Conway, National Trust, Pavilion, Pavilion Children's, Portico and Robson imprints. (credits: Anova Books Group Website)

Now, to complete this end-of-the-month wrap-up, here are the books I've read and reviewed for the month of June:



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