Saturday, June 15, 2013

[Feature] I Published a Novellete on a Whim

Title: She Caught Me
Author: DR Lee
Publisher: DR Lee
Date Published: June 6, 2013
Genre: Chick-Lit, Young-Adult


Book Info:
Novellete; 10,400 words 
Melissa Castillo has had enough of hiding her feelings for her best friend Samuel Torres. They've been best friends for far too long, and she has been in love with him ever since forever! It also doesn't help that Sam is a big tease. He always drops an innuendo or two when they're together, but doesn't really act on it. 
Now that College graduation is just around the corner, Melissa finally convinced herself to push her inhibitions aside. She hatches a plan to reveal everything she felt for him without actually telling him!

 - x o O o x - 

About the Author
D. R. Lee (me~!) is the pen name of a law student hailing from the Philippines. Outside of her academic endeavor, she does writing, painting, and a whole lot of reading. On a perfect day, she talks with the people inside her head and tells their stories through printed words. You can reach her via email:

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I had the idea for this novellete since high school. I originally wrote the story on a scraggly-looking notebook, and allowed my friends and classmates to read it. I also published the same story online as a fanfic, then as an original novellete under a different pen name. It even won as Fic of The Year 2011 under the Short Story category in an online forum (which I shall not mention).

On a cold morning, last June 6, 2013, I woke up at 4 AM and was unable to go back to sleep. It was the crack of dawn and I have nothing to do. Admittedly, I do lots of impulsive things when I'm bored (such as publishing on a whim).

Out of boredom, I clicked on Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (where I had an inactive account) and did a little research about e-publishing. I also researched about Smashwords (another e-publishing platform), and compared the two.

Ultimately, I decided to go with KDP because of the ease and speed with which I can publish.

That same morning, I whipped out my very basic photoshopping skills to conjure a simple book cover out of scratch. I also formatted my complete manuscript and uploaded it on KDP. After tweaking a few more settings, my manuscript was set for review. A day later, it was available on Amazon.

Truth is, this publishing on a whim is nothing but an experiment. I'm starting with baby steps here.

I don't really hope to earn a dime out of the novellete I published. Come on, it's just 10,400 words, and since the minimum price on KDP was $0.99, I was forced to have it priced accordingly. Personally, I would have given it for free.

So far, She Caught Me is solely available in mobi format from Amazon for $0.99, but I'm thinking of giving it away in PDF and Epub formats for free in exchange for a review.

For now though, my next step is to facilitate my Goodreads Author page so that I can interact with readers and promote my novellete.

Today, a novellete; tomorrow, a bestseller!

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