Monday, June 17, 2013

[Book Review] Once You Go Demon

Title: Once You Go Demon (Pure Souls #2)
Author: Killian McRae
Date Published: 2013
Publisher: Tulip Noire Press
Source: ARC
Genre: Paranormal, Fantasy, Romance
Rating: ★★★


About the Book:
Heaven hath no fury like a demon reborn...
Proving that Big Boss is not without a sense of whimsy, Hell’s former all-star demon, Jerry Romani, finds himself a traded player in the classic war of good versus evil. Taking up residence in the human shell left behind by the death and damnation of Marc Angeletti, Jerry seizes on the chance both to win a trip to the pearly gates and reclaim the heart of witch Riona Dade. 
Not pleased with the butt-kicking the Pure Souls served up, Lucifer enlists his fallen angel compatriots, the Grigori, to stir up trouble topside. 
Time ticks closer to the inevitable: Marc's resurrection as a demon on Earth, and Jerry is determined to protect Riona and his shiny new Pure Soul status at all costs. He quickly finds two thousand years of living la vida demonica aren’t easily undone, however, and old habits are hard to break. Walking the true path is problematic, and Jerry finds his role reversed when he must convince Riona that it’s in her best interest to do the same. Even if letting her give into temptation is more conducive to his efforts. And just as Project Woo a Witch starts bearing some forbidden fruit, Destiny delivers one hell of bitch slap. Jerry may have been sent back to Earth to do something Riona can't, something that will ensure the only thing he'll be kissing where she's concerned is his ass goodbye.

Holy Drew Barrymore and the awesomeness of a thousand flying nunchucks! This book is crystal meth on paper and I am now a certified junkie! (Not that I'm an addict, or that I advertise the use of drugs, because I don't. Seriously.)

Thank you, dear Authoress, for summoning me to read and review this book for I have found heaven in a see of overrated cliches. (I'm being overly dramatic, ignore me.)

Following Father Marc Angeletti's sacrifice and consequent damnation to hell in Pure and Sinful (Pure Souls #1), Once You Go Demon deals with the aftermath of the priest's death and Jerry Romani's occupation of Marc Angeletti's body, much to Riona Dade's chagrin.

Thank goodness I learned from previously reading Book 1 in public, so I read this book inside my room, away from prying eyes. It would suffice to say that I did the right thing, because I really didn't want to be caught laughing out loud like a loony.

As always, the writing is quirky! The story-line is thick with plot twists that keep surprising you at every turn. The humor is ever present and the dialogues are sarcastic and overall fun, which  translates into me being a rabidly happy camper on sugar rush!

The characters are also very unique. I mean hello, goddess Persephone making sinfully forbidden love with an archangel! You just don't see Greek mythology interlace with Catholic characters in that position (pun intended). Plus, we get to see Buddha being slapped by Riona, which I think, is pretty sweeeet. LOL. (I should probably shut up because I might give out huge spoilers.)

Anyways, I WAS SO RIGHT WHEN I PROCLAIMED IN MY REVIEW OF PURE AND SINFUL THAT JERRY ROMANI IS A CHARACTER WORTHY OF MENTION! And yes, typing in all-caps was necessary to express the joy and admiration I feel for Jerry Romani a.k.a Gaius Gallicus. I was never on Team Marc when I read Pure and Sinful, so I guess it's but right to openly admit that I am on Team Jerry.

Jerry Romani is the highlight of this book, no doubt about it. I love the fact that he didn't try to convince the other pillars of his change of heart, he just proved their distrust wrong through his actions. Secondly, I also love the fact that even though he's head over heels in love with Riona, he chose to give her time to mourn and sort out her feelings. I think that really spoke volumes of how much he loved her.

Overall, I really, really loved this book! It's exactly my cup of tea with just the right amount of paranormal blend and wisecracks! And if there's ever a next installment, count me in!

To end this review, let me give you a quote from Jerry Romani:

"The only insane thing in all this is how much I loved you, even when I was damned. And how much I still love you now. And how we're not doing anything about it, for the sole reason that you're not ready."

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