Sunday, May 19, 2013

[Spazz] So sweeeeet

Normally, I'm not one to spazz over trivial matters, but occasionally, I would come across something endearing and I just couldn't help it. Blame the estrogen! It's the female hormones in me, I tell you! LOL.

I would have blogged about this sooner if it weren't for the flurry of activities that were on the top bunk of my priority list.

Anyways, last April 30, 2013, I posted my review of Taylor Cole and Justin Whitfield's book entitled Take It Off! on Goodreads. You can read my review here.

Take It Off! is an autobiography/memoir about male strippers written by two successful male strippers. Some of the stories in the book were made in such a way that the reader wouldn't know who among the two writers of the book was sharing a certain story or experience. 

I mentioned in my review that my most favorite part in the book is the part where the male stripper shared how he chose to go home to his girlfriend rather than take the invitation of two gorgeous girls for a hot threesome. 

The male stripper shared that he was already riding his motorcycle on his way to the address given to him by the two gorgeous girls when he thought of his girlfriend and decided to turn back and go to her instead.

On May 2, 2013, Justin Whitfield, one of the two writers of the book, replied to my review. This is how I found out that the story in the book was shared by him. And this is what he said:

Cue SFX: Awww~!

This was me after I read his comment:

I guess happy endings can happen in real life, too, huh?

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