Monday, April 22, 2013

[Book Review] The Things I Do For You

Title: The Things I Do For You
Author: M. Malone
Date Published: March 12, 2013
Source: ARC
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Chick-Lit
Rating: ★★★★


About the Book:
A bargain. A baby. A billion things can go wrong.  
Nicholas Alexander doesn’t mind being called a playboy. His charm serves him well in business and a beautiful woman is always on his arm. Except the one he’s in love with. 
Raina Winters doesn’t believe in love, so when she’s dumped right before her wedding, she’s more upset about losing what she really wants from marriage. A baby. 
When Nick learns about Raina’s dilemma, his first reaction is to leave her hanging like she left him after their steamy one-night stand. But he finally has something Raina needs, so he offers her a deal. He’ll give her a baby if she gives him something he desires just as much. 
Just two little words. 
I. Do. 
WARNING: This book contains encounters with a drunken Elvis, pushy mamas, tabloid shenanigans, several occurrences of bad cooking and hot sex between two people who aren't even sure they like each other. Just saying...

Sweet and light. A quick, no-conflict, easy read with a strong female protagonist and an atypically dedicated playboy. 

While the story-line is pretty much common, the story-telling and the characters are engaging and highly entertaining. Well, as much as all romance novels and chick-lits go.

If you're expecting a damsel-in-distress in this romance novel, go somewhere else. This isn't the book you're looking for. 

Raina, the female protagonist in the story has a strong independent streak. She doesn't really care whether she's in love with the man she's set to marry. The only thing she's really after is a baby. And that's what I like about her. She has this stubborn doggedness that's uniquely hers. She's strong, decisive, knows exactly what she wants and she goes hell and high just to get it.

Aside from being independent, she's also smart and clear-headed that's why she knows that she should steer clear of Nick Alexander despite the obvious attraction and chemistry between them. Well, in this case, Nick still gets my applause for being creative, resourceful and quick-thinking as he still gets to save Rania multiple times although she's not exactly a damsel-in-distress.

The story itself shows that even if you fight it, some things that are meant to happen shall happen. Similarly, people who are meant to be together will be together, no matter how much one of them fights it. This is the case for Rania and Nick. They had something good together but Rania chose to walk away because she thought Nick was someone who would not be a good father to the child she had always wanted.

Another thing I appreciate about this story is that there's really no deep psychological scar in any of the characters. They're just normal people with normal emotional status. They didn't go through something traumatic or whatever. That's why this story is sweet and light. It gives you the facts straight out without any fuss.

For fans of romance novels who would love something light-hearted and sweet, I highly recommend this book. You don't have to go through the trouble of understanding the emotional scars of a lead character. This story is no fuss and is sure to quench your romance cravings.

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