Thursday, March 7, 2013

[Personal Update] Choking on Internship and Papers

<--- That is me trying to reach for a SCRA index in the library of the law firm where I work as an intern. The library is dark, musky, dirty and dusty, but oddly enough, it's where I feel the most at ease.

Lately, I have been stuck in my internship with tons of papers to work on since it's the last leg of the semester before the final exams come.

All those books in there contain cases decided by the Supreme Court. It's the same books we access everyday when the bosses need to look up jurisprudence for the cases they handle.

And yep, these are the reasons why I haven't been posting book reviews in a while. I've read a couple of books already but I haven't had any chance to sit quietly and write a review.

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