Sunday, February 24, 2013

[Personal Update] What do you when...

What do you do when all you've been looking forward to all week was your weekend off to stay home and spend some down time by yourself, when an unplanned weekend trip suddenly presents itself?

One part of me strongly urges me to stay home because the week-long flurry of activities has left me drained and stressed out. I just got through midterms and law night, and I'm pretty sure that those activities are different levels of hell on their own.

Another part of me argues that such a weekend trip is rare. It's a unique opportunity to actually travel and get out of my comfort zone. Plus, my Mom actually encourages me to go. Well, in her own words, "You should go. Take a break from all those books even just for a short while."

But I like my books. *sob* I like staying home rather than going out. 
The thought of socializing and mingling with people I don't even know exasperates me.
It's not because I'm anti-social or anything like that. I'm just introverted.
And I want my Pops home. ASAP.


  1. That's tough. I'd probably go and try to have fun, but I completely understand about the staying home part. Lots of "book people" are like that. Plus, I remember grad school, well even in undergrad, life was very, very stressful. Whatever you decide, just try to enjoy it. :)

    1. Hi! I ended up going. It was okay. Better than expected, but staying home would've given me my much needed rest. =) Thanks for the comment, by the way.


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