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[Blog Tour] Author Interview featuring Liesel K. Hill

Author Liesel K. Hill

Last year, I've had the privilege to schedule an interview with authoress Liesel K. Hill, author of Persistence of Vision, a young adult, dystopian novel. She was kind enough to allow me to read and review Persistence of Vision, as well as answer a few of my questions! (She made me such a happy fan-girl~!)

I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed reading her book. Persistence of Vision has got me cheering for her awesome characters! And I suggest that you should read it, too! If you would like to read my review of Persistence of Vision, you can read it HERE.

To officially kick off 2013, Book Junkie Joint's first post is an Author Interview featuring Liesel K. Hill! =)

Q: First off, your book Persistence of Vision is a dystopian which distinctly deals with the intricacy of the human brain. What was the inspiration for coming up with the brain as a source of power for Persistence of Vision?

A: It’s something I’ve always been interested in. Before I stopped kidding myself and turned to writing as my calling, I was taking pre-med classes. I had a lot of science, but I found western medicine and science not to my liking. I’m someone who things the brain and soul are intricately connected to each other and to the body. I believe people can heal themselves to a much greater extent than most of them realize. Scientists estimate that we only use a fraction of our brain power—something like 12%--and Albert Einstein, a genius by anyone’s standards, probably only used 15% of his brain. (Don’t quote me on those percentages.) Imagine what we could do if we used 100% of our brain power!

Q: Speaking of powers, I’m curious about how you came up with them. What was the inspiration behind each of the members’ powers and where did you base them?

A: Nothing in particular. I just tried to think of powers that 1) I thought were cool and 2) would come in handy in a world where people used their brains for everything. I’m also a big fan of Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series. While his ‘powers’ are from a totally different source than mine, I did receive some inspiration from there.

Q: I’m pretty sure everybody in this world has, at one point or another, wished for superpowers. Personally, I really liked the thought of being able to heal any injury as Marcus’ powers were. If you were a member of the Interchron and one of the prophesied members that could take down the collectives, which role would you prefer and which power would you like to have?

A: I agree that Healing would be awesome, but if I had to choose I think I’d want Marcus’s prowess with Offensive energy (i.e. the ability to cut down your enemies with a thought). I live with my sisters and two-year-old niece, and am the second oldest of twelve children. I have an enormous family and am ridiculously close to all of them. I’m someone who starts to feel sick when I can’t protect them all. So, this power would give me awesome peace of mind. ;D

Q: Personally, I found myself relating to David because he showed honesty, vulnerability and courage. Aside from Maggie and Marcus, who is your personal favorite among the many characters?

A: I have a hard time having a favorite because they’re all so different, in the same way I love all of my eight brothers equally but differently. David is definitely up there because he’s going to go through the biggest change throughout the series. He’ll be very sympathetic and relatable. I also love Karl, just ‘cause he’s a goof ball and lots of fun to write.

Q: Let’s go to a lighter note. If you were to be given an opportunity to pick an actor and an actress to play Maggie and Marcus, who would they be? (If you have a picture, would it be possible to ask for a link or an image perhaps?)

Jensen Ackles
A: For Maggie, I have no idea! Being straight, I don’t daydream about actresses much. Though I’m not sure how good a fit they’d be, I’m currently a fan girl of Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence, and Anna Kendrick.

For Marcus, I am the world’s biggest Jensen Ackles fan! Totally love him. I’d love him as Marcus too!

Fan Rant: I just want you to know that your book is awesome and I literally had flashes of goose-bumps when I was reading! :)))

Thanks, Hon! I appreciate it! So glad you liked it!

Wanna get a copy of Liesel K. Hill's 
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