Sunday, January 20, 2013

[Blog Meme] Say What Sunday!

The rules are simple:
1.) Pick a quote from any of the books you've read from the prior week.
2.) Name the book and author from where you got the quote.
3.) Give a short explanation why you chose that specific quote.
4.) Link back to Book Junkie Joint through a comment.

Say What Sunday Quote:
“It’s true that if friends can never count on you being there the next time they need you, the place they leave for you might be very small. That’s self-defense. If you abandon people—even if it’s not your fault—they will eventually get over you and find someone else. Good for them. But you’re an adult now, and you can build things as deep and as long-lasting as you want to. I wish you wouldn’t underestimate your ability to makepeople love you.” 
- Aunt Aja from The Chocolate Kiss by Laura Florand

Reason why I chose this quote:
I found this quote very apt when Magalie was at a stage of confusion regarding her relationship with Philippe. I think it was really endearing how her two spinster aunts understand her so well. And it was a great advice coming from someone she could seek comfort from anytime.

1 comment:

  1. Great quote and excellent advice! I haven't read this,but I really like the quote from The Chocolate Kiss. Old follower :D Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven


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