Sunday, January 13, 2013

[Blog Meme] Say What Sunday Debut!

Today is the debut of Book Junkie Joint's very first Blog Meme called Say What Sunday!

The rules are simple:
1.) Pick a quote from any of the books you've read from the prior week.
2.) Name the book and author from where you got the quote.
3.) Give a short explanation why you chose that specific quote.
4.) Link back to Book Junkie Joint through a comment.

Say What Sunday Quote:
Cinderella was such a dork. She left behind her glass slipper at the ball and then went right back to her stepmother's house. It seems to me that she should have worn the glass slipper always, to make herself easier to find. I always hoped that after the prince found Cinderella and they rode away in their magnificent carriage, after a few miles she turned to him and said, "Could you drop me off down the road please? Now that I've finally escaped my life of horrific abuse, I'd like to see something of the world, you know? Maybe backpack across Europe or Asia? I'll catch back up with you later, Prince, once I've found my own way. Thanks for finding me, though! Super-sweet of you. And you can keep the slippers. They'll probably cause bunions if I keep wearing 'em."
Maybe the prince would be relieved. Maybe he was tired of being asked who he was going to marry. Maybe all he wanted to do was go back to his library and read a hundred books, only everyone kept interrupting him, telling him he couldn't ever let himself be alone.
- Dash and Lily's Book of Dares by Rachel Cohn and David Levithan

Reason why I chose this quote:
I agree with both paragraphs in the quote. First, if I were Cinderella, I would love to grow as a person first before finally settling down with my prince charming. Second, I'd probably be annoyed and irritated if everybody always prodded me to get married.

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  1. It would be really fun to create memes of our own. It's a creative way of interacting in the social media.


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