Friday, December 7, 2012

[Site Update] New Look & Feel~

Say good-bye to Book Junkie Joint's first look. It had been a fun run with this lay-out as it was the first one. I personally called it the Crimson Cove.

(How weird is it that I actually name the blog lay-out? LOL. I'm weird.)

It's a standard blogger lay-out, which I did not feel the need to tweak. The only personal touch I added to the lay-out was the header bearing the name of the blog.

And say hello to Prim Purple. Another standard blogger lay-out but aside from the header, I chose my own background.

I decided that the color red was getting heavy on the eyes so I settled for cool colors this time. The color scheme is of white, light purple, violets and grays.

While I do admit that I do know a little bit about web design, I haven't had time to actually make a personalized lay-out for this blog, so I guess I'll just have to make do with standard blogger lay-outs. They're easy to tweak, after all. And I'm lazy.

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