Saturday, November 10, 2012

[ARC Batch 05] Moaaarrr~!

Title: In Session
Author: Various

IN SESSION from international bestseller M.J. Rose, features the return of Dr. Morgan Snow, in a brand-new story collection! 
As a therapist specializing in sexual issues, psychiatrist Dr. Morgan Snow isn't easily shocked, or shaken, as readers of the popular "Butterfield Institute" novels know. There are times, however, when the need for her services leads her out of the office... and into unfamiliar worlds. 
In these stories the therapist matches her wits -and her training - against three men of mystery: Jack Reacher, John Rain, and Cotton Malone. 
Those characters are, of course, familiar to readers as the creations, respectively, of NYT bestselling authors Lee Child, Barry Eisler, and Steve Berry. All three swore that their characters would never agree to therapy - unless Rose found a way to get then there. And she did. 
In EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES with Steve Berry's Cotton Malone, a woman seeks help for her lover, and sends Dr. Snow overseas on a most unusual house call.... 
DECISIONS, DECISIONS where Barry Eisler's John Rain forces Dr. Snow out of her own comfort zone, and into the world of a former patient's worst nightmare... 
And KNOWING YOU'RE ALIVE with Lee Child's Jack Reacher results in revelations for both the injured Dr. Snow, and her unexpected savior/patient...
All the proceeds of the audio book and a share of the proceeds of the ebook will be donated to David Baldacci's Wish You Well Foundation, supporting family literacy. (
As a law student, I've read dozens of rape cases. I'd have to admit that there were several instances where I found myself disgusted by the circumstances surrounding each case. I don't think I'd ever be desensitized from reading these types of cases.
Anyways, I'm really excited to read this book so I could get an insight as to how a professional therapist actually works! Plus, Barry Eisler's John Rain is gonna be in it! I've got three of his John Rain books, so I'm really psyched!

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Title: Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey
Author: Various

Transcending its roots as Twilight fanfiction to become a bestselling cultural phenomenon, E.L. James’ Fifty Shades trilogy has fascinated and seduced the world. Whether they love it or hate it, people can’t stop talking about it, and in Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey, Lori Perkins has gathered 50 writers—from romance and erotica authors, to BDSM dungeon masters, to adult entertainment industry professionals—to continue to the conversation. Hear from:

-The editor who “discovered” Fifty Shades of Grey back when it was Masters of the Universe, Tish Beaty

-Writer Jennifer Sanzo, who says Christian isn’t a possessive, bossy control-freak—he’s an old-school Byronic hero

-Master R of BDSM training chateau La Domaine Esemar, who evaluates Christian Grey’s skill as a Dominant, and offers some professional advice

-Matrimonial lawyer Sherri Donovan, who examines the legalities of Christian’s BDSM contract, and shares her recommendations for Ana

-And a lot more!

With sections on Fifty Shades as fiction, BDSM, romance, fanfiction, pop culture, writing, phenomena, and sex, Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades of Grey plunges into the depths of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele’s relationship and world to explore exactly what it is about the trilogy that’s put readers in its thrall.
I've read Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. Fifty Shades was also the first erotica book I've ever read. And while I was fascinated by Christian Grey, I was also desensitized from reading too much sex scenes. Now, this specific collection of stories from 50 authors is truly a treat! It's a chance to read how other authors write their own version of erotica!

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Title: City of Dark Magic
Author: Magnus Flyte

Prague: once a city of alchemists, astronomers, heretics, and--it's even been rumored--portals to hell; it is now the destination of every disaffected, beer-loving kid in a backpack. But when musicologist Sarah Weston accepts an invitation to spend the summer at Prague Castle cataloging Beethoven's manuscripts for the wealthy Lobkowicz family, she discovers a city filled not with ex-pats, but with dark magic, where the fabric of time is thin and danger lies around every corner.

Soon after Sarah arrives, strange things begin to happen. Her predecessor may have been murdered, and Sarah finds herself at the center of escalating and dangerous mysteries spanning several centuries. Who is killing off the academics at the museum? What secrets of time travel was a sixteenth century alchemist hiding? Who was Beethoven's Immortal Beloved? What Communist-era intrigue is a powerful American politician willing to kill to cover up?

In CITY OF DARK MAGIC, Prague comes to life with cinematic scenes filled with excitement and intrigue. With the turn of each page, you could find murder, paranormal time travel, a handsome prince in search of the Golden Fleece or a 400-year-old dwarf who holds a golden key that will unlock the city. Rollicking, sexy and wildly imaginative, CITY OF DARK MAGIC could be called a rom-com paranormal suspense novel-or it could simply be called one of the most entertaining novels of the year, which will leave you anxiously awaiting the sequel.
I'm from the Philippines. It's this really small country from Southeast Asia which is full of very hospitable and friendly people. I've never gone out of the country ever. And the only time I could travel to other places in the world is when I'm actually fully engrossed in reading a book. Prague as the setting of Magnus Flyte's book seems like a magical place for me already!

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