Sunday, October 28, 2012

[Review] Tempestuous

Title: Tempestuous
Author: Kim Askew and Amy Helmes
Genre: Young Adult, Romance
Rating: 5/5

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Definitely a pure delight!

This story involves one cold night, one mall, a couple of minimum-wage earning employees with different strengths, add in the former friends, plus the infidel ex-boyfriend, a mysterious burglar, one very smart mastermind, a glitter bomb blitzkrieg, an impromptu rock concert, not to mention several revenge plots involving guerrilla tactics, and a whole lot of randomly chaotic events which only fall into places at the last minute.

While this story is a modern-day spin-off of Shakespeare's The Tempest, you don't really need to read the play to understand the story. In fact, the story can very well stand on its own, and brilliantly, if I may say so.

In Tempestuous, the authors effectively demonstrated that every person has equal potential to do good or evil. While this idea is very basic, the authors kicked it up a notch by including a very smart protagonist who's still very much unclear about what really matters to her.

The heroine was ultimately kicked down from the social pedestal where she reigned, and was sent to work as a minimum-wage earner in a shopping mall. Ostracized by her former peers and pretty much left with nowhere to go, Miranda had to work with the people she formerly wouldn't even get caught talking to. And in one chaotic night alone, she re-discovers herself and learns to pick up the pieces of her life.

The best part of this story is probably the part about finding common ground with a person you would never thought you'd get along with, and ultimately discovering something you appreciate and love. Second to that is discovering friendship in the most unlikely of circumstances, and finding strengths you thought you never had.

I highly recommend this story for young adults who wish to read something inspiring and empowering, yet still maintain its level of awesomeness without being sappy or melodramatic.

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